The American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan is the most consequential piece of legislation for working families in modern American history. It is a historic response to the moment of crisis we face and will make a real difference in the lives of Americans by creating jobs, providing economic relief, and defeating this virus.

  • DIRECT PAYMENTS - This plan will get checks out the door, starting in mid March. 85% of American households will get direct payments of $1400 per person. A low or middle income family of four will get $5,600 in direct checks.

  • INVESTMENT IN VACCINE DISTRIBUTION - This plan provides funding for vaccine distribution, coronavirus testing, and contact tracing so we can get vaccines into the arms of more people and end this pandemic. $20B for vaccine distribution, including $1B for the CDC to launch a vaccine awareness and engagement campaign and $7.5B to set up vaccination sites across the country.

  • UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENDED THROUGHT SEPTEMBER - The ARP extends enhanced unemployment insurance for around 11 million Americans who would otherwise state losing benefits mid-March, and protects them from surprise tax bills.

  • TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR RENTERS & HOMEOWNERS - The ARP extends tens of billions of dollars in rental and homeowners assistance that will benefit lower-income, disproportionately Black and Brown, renters and homeowners.

  • $39 BILLION FOR CHILD CARE PROVIDERS: ARP helps working and middle-class families struggling to juggle child care and work by providing money to reopen schools safely and get vaccines in arms, so kids and teachers can safely return to school and parents can go back to work. This includes the most significant investment in American child care since World War II.

  • 66 MILLION KIDS WILL BENEFIT FROM CHILD TAX CREDIT- ARP lifts 11 million people out of poverty and cuts child poverty in half, including through a historic expansion of the child tax credit that will benefit 66 million kids across our country.

  • EITC EXPANDED TO 17 MILLION WORKERS- ARP expands the Earned Income Tax Credit to 17 million low-inclome workers.

  • HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS LOWERED, 100% OF COBRA PREMIUMS COVERED FOR LAID-OFF WORKERS - Significantly reduces health insurance premiums for millions of American families. A family of four making $90,000 could see their monthly premium come down by $200 per month.