About the MCDCC

Golden Valley, AZ        Photo by: Damian Del Angel

MCDCC is divided into four districts- which are sub-divided into  neighborhoods which are referred to as "precincts."   Each precinct needs a precinct committee person assigned to it.  

Each precinct has an elected or appointed precinct committee person we refer to as "PC's".    The work on the ground is performed by our PC's and volunteers.   If you want to get involved,  a good way to start is to attend one of our meetings.   See below.   Contact us at: info@mohavedemocrats.org or call the office at 928-753-0006 and we will get you set up to attend our next meeting.  

District 1 includes the precincts of: Kingman (Central, North, South, East),  Peach Springs, , Truxton,  Hackberry,  Wikieup, Meadview

District 2 includes the precincts of: Bullhead City, Mohave Valley, Dolan Springs, Chloride, White Hills,   Oatman, and  Golden Valley 

District 3 includes the precincts of:  Lake Havasu City, Yucca, Topock/Golden Shores and Desert Hills.

District 4 includes the precincts of:  North Canyon, Littlefield,  and Moccasin