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Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 7: 09 pm MST
Picnic in the Park

Join us on Saturday, May 18, at Metcalfe Park in Kingman for a day of good times with fellow democrats. It's a chance to kick back and share our plans and hopes for America's future as we prepare for an eventful election in 2020. The stakes are high in these days of runaway norm breaking, lawlessness, and reckless disregard for "We the People." Let's put our ship of state back on course by voting out the ne'er-do-well incompetent administration and its do-nothing congressional lackies. We flipped the House in 2018; we can take the Senate and clean up the White House in 2020. Yes, there is a lot to talk about this year at our annual picnic. Join the conversation, and then let's do it!

2019 Picnic Flyer
The Need to Vote!

I've heard so many people say this year, "I'm not voting, there is nobody running that I care to vote for." What a mistake! If you choose not to vote in November, you give up the right to vote for anyone that is running in the many city and county races; in effect, you don't get to help decide who is Mayor, Council members, Board of Supervisors, Recorder, Assessor - and I could go on. As far as voting for President, my advice is to check out the legislative and community service records of the candidates and vote for the one who is best suited to serve the people of the United States - for me, that's Hillary - but that's me!

Then there is the next good reason to vote and that is our servicemen and women. I have a son who is currently serving in Iraq and for his sake alone, I will vote! If you know of a veteran who gave up his or her nice comfortable life to serve us, to go in harm's way at the direction of the President; you need to vote! Do you know a family whose serviceman or servicewoman has given their life for their country? Then you need to vote!

Do you have a family? What lessons of civic service are you teaching your children if you don't vote? Take a minute, think about what this country will be if they aren't taught to vote. It is not a right to vote, it is as an American, an obligation that has been given to us to fulfill through the pain of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. And the next one. Voting is not a right, IT IS AN OBLIGATION!

Many people say they vote because they want the right to complain about those who are elected, and that is valid; except we might want to vote to help applaud those decisions. I understand that we as a Nation have changed. We are no longer a gentle nation; we are fast evolving into a nation of hate, of murder in the streets, of pronounced division of races and classes. And the social graces and behavior in America are dwindling fast. The America we have lived in and dreamed of is fast fading away; the place to save it is in the voting booth. Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem; and if you don't like who wins, then vote them out at the first opportunity. But VOTE. Voting is the lifeblood of the nation.

Marty Luna-Wolfe
Acting Chair


If you are a Precinct Committee Person, part of your responsibility is to canvass your precinct for our Democratic candidates and volunteer in the various phone banks for them.

We are in the last 100 days before the general election and perhaps the most important election of our lives. We simply can not let the Republican presidential candidate win this election; nor can we risk not communicating our message to "support Hillary" to those who are vaguely or directly disillusioned with this election.

I am asking that each of the PCs for 2015-2016 get in touch with your District Chair and make sure she or he is aware of your plans to canvass your precinct, and to be making phone calls urging the people in your precinct to vote Democratic in both the primary and general elections.

We have 97 days to go and lots of work to do. Have a great week.

Marty Luna-Wolfe
Acting Chair

RNC Fiasco of Hate

I, along with many of you, have finished watching the Republican candidate for President's acceptance speech and I have had to take a long breath of fresh air to clear my head of the stench of things I never thought I would see in America again: isolationism, extremism and developing America into a police state.

For me, among the many insults to my intelligence, were building a figurative wall around America from immigrants, redoing the national highway system, cutting taxes to pay for his promises, repealing the Affordable Care Act, appointing justices of the Supreme Court who would enforce the constitution and on and on. The three most scary things were his interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, his endorsement from the NRA and the most scary one of all - the elimination of the separation of church and state (as a gay Christian, I've lived that one)! I believe The Supreme, whatever and whoever you call him/her/it, runs from the Evangelical!

I say to you, my fellow Democrats, if the speech tonight did not convince youMI to volunteer when you know longer want to,
-- -to donate to the Democrats candidates when you think you given too much,
---to become an intelligent, voting person when everyone says what's the use
--- then maybe this will: If Trump is elected, your basic freedoms as an American are threatened.

This is the scariest Republican candidate we have had in a long, long time. It is crucial to the American Dream and your cherished way of life that Hillary Clinton get elected.

What are you going to do to assure that happens? We stand by to assist you!

Marty Luna-Wolfe
Acting Chair

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