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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my voting precinct located?

Contact the Mohave County Elections Department at 928-753-0701 or visit their website.

Can I vote at home?

Yes. to be included on the Permanent Early Voting List at the Mohave County Recorder's Office. Call your local Democratic office or send us a request online. We will help you.

Can I vote across party lines in the General Election in November?

Yes. Only the primary elections are restricted to voters of one party: There are Democratic and Republican primaries in Arizona. The General Election is open to all registered voters. You may vote for any candidate on your ballot.

How can I volunteer to help the Democratic Party?

You may volunteer to help out locally by calling us at 928-753-0006 or 928-303-5832 or contact us online.

What does "Grass Roots" mean?

"Grassroots" is a common word used in campaigns. It refers to the nature of the roots as the essential support of a plant. The nourishment for all of the plant's needs comes from the soil and rises through the stems to the leaves. In the same way, support for a campaign or political movement comes from the the citizens and reaches the upper levels of the group and causes it to grow and flourish.

I cannot get to the polls by myself. Can I get a ride?

You may call 928-753-0006 or contact us at to request a volunteer to take you to the polls.

How can I donate to a candidate's campaign?

The candidates are responsible for collecting their donations. Call the candidate of your choice for more details or visit the Elections Department online. There is a list of the candidates and their phone numbers.

**If you do not see a question here that you need an answer to, please call us at 928.753.0006 or send us your question online.

?Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.?

Thomas Jefferson

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