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Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 11: 45 am MST
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Our Mission: Build an official Democratic Party network in Mohave County to encourage a well informed electorate that supports our American values of justice, equality, and a fair standard of living for all.

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Early Voting Begins
October 12
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13 Days!


DEMOCRATS DID NOT VOTE! And that's the truth. During the primary in Mohave County, we didn't vote! There are 109,616 registered voters in Mohave County and 47,268 of them are Republicans, 19,754 are Democrats and 41,867 are No Party Declared. That means 43.12% of the registered voters are Republicans, 18.02% are registered Democrats and a large chunk are Independent. In itself, that is a huge problem and is one for the powers that be in the Arizona Democratic Party and MCDCC to fix. However, there is a problem that only you can fix: of the 47,268 Republicans 22,421 voted and of those 19,754 Democrats 5,644 voted. That means 47.4% of the registered Republicans voted and only 28.6% of the registered Democrats voted.

Even if we could magically turn Mohave County blue overnight, it might not make much difference because we Democrats don't vote! I'll admit it; I don't understand it. Okay, we are the underdogs. Is that any reason to roll over and play dead? Not for me! I believe that with work, dedication, financial support, we can stop the red state from moving forward. Slowly, very slowly we can move it back to being a blue state. For each of you Democrats who did vote, THANK YOU! For each candidate who ran a local or county race, THANK YOU! For each of you who wrote a check, THANK YOU! And now let?s get on to the General Election. We need to support the move to elect Hillary Clinton as our president or live and suffer through four years with that other guy. We need to support Ann Kirkpatrick's move to defeat John McCain. And we need to support all the other democrats who are running. This is truly is an opportune time for a change.

One more thank you: In August the volunteers who work and maintain your Headquarters office donated 168.5 unpaid hours which would have cost us at least $2500 if we could have paid them. I just want to thank you volunteers; you are AWESOME! In the Headquarters office we often go without the tools we think we need because of our lack of cash donors. I want to remind everyone that office materials and expenses are not free. In-kind donations are greatly appreciated. Cash and checks are welcome. Please consider donating monthly to MCDCC Headquarters through ActBlue.

One final reminder: The last day to register to vote for the General Election is October 11. Call us (928-753-0006) if you need help in checking your voter registration. Get your registration status in order so you can vote in the General Election on Tuesday, November 8th.

Marty Luna-Wolfe
Acting Chair

Get Out and Vote Today!

It's Primry Election Day in Mohave County and all acoss Arizona. Go to the polling place in your precinct and vote. Take a friend or neighbor with you. Carpool if necessary. Consider today as practice for the General Election in November. Voting gives us a voice in the outcome of the election. Exercise your voice by voting today.

If you need help finding your polling place, call us at 928-753-0006. We will help you. Or you can go online to Mohave County Elections. Have a good day and and thanks for fulfilling your civic responsibility.


If you are a Precinct Committee Person, part of your responsibility is to canvass your precinct for our Democratic candidates and volunteer in the various phone banks for them.

We are in the last 100 days before the general election and perhaps the most important election of our lives. We simply can not let the Republican presidential candidate win this election; nor can we risk not communicating our message to "support Hillary" to those who are vaguely or directly disillusioned with this election.

I am asking that each of the PCs for 2015-2016 get in touch with your District Chair and make sure she or he is aware of your plans to canvass your precinct, and to be making phone calls urging the people in your precinct to vote Democratic in both the primary and general elections.

We have 97 days to go and lots of work to do. Have a great week.

Marty Luna-Wolfe
Acting Chair

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Election Day
November 8, 2016

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Wednesday, September 21

6:30 pm

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Monday, September 12

7:00 pm

KDWC Executive Committee

Kingman Office

Monday, September 12

10:30 am

Kingman Democratic Women's Club


Wednesday, September 14

6:30 pm

River Valley Democrats

Bullhead City

Hope Methodist Church

Wednesday, September 28

5:30 pm

Lake Havasu City Democratic Association


Wednedsy, September 14

7:00 pm

Executive Committee

Kingman Office

Thursday, September 8

6:00 pm


Early Voting

Begins October 12

Closes November 4

October 11, Last Day to Register

October 28, Last Day to Request Early Ballots

General Election

Your Town

Your Precinct

Tuesday, November 8

Call us for assistance.


Meeting Places


MCDCC Office, 212-B N. 5th Street

Calico's Restaurant, 418 W. Beale Street

Golden Corral, 3580 Stockton Hill Rd.

Bullhead City

El Palacio, 1885 Hwy. 95

Hope Methodist Church, 325 Ramar Rd.

Lake Havasu City

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Red Robin, 70 Swanson Ave.

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